Nicki Palmer

Nicki has worked in BIDs since 2009, joining the Victoria BID as it embarked on its first ballot.  She has worked on numerous ballots with Primera across a variety of BID areas including establishing the Victoria Westminster BID, gaining knowledge and experience across all aspects of BIDs.  She took over the Harley Street Area Partnership in April 2020 and led the BID to a successful ballot outcome in December 2021.

Nicki’s experience has helped her understand the importance of building strong relationships with levy payers and key stakeholders, understanding the commitment required to establish those partnerships.  She brings a varied skillset which supports her in managing the team and BID.  She is highly organised, efficient and attention to detail is paramount to her.  Managing a budget of £1m, Nicki understands the importance of accountability as she ensures that the BID at Harley Street delivers tangible outputs and is successful in its first term and many beyond.