Qualis Community

A Community Interest Company (CIC) was set up to deliver a range of ambitious projects to benefit the people and communities of Epping Forest District.

Established through a partnership between Qualis Group and Primera Corporation, the CIC (known as Qualis Community Ltd) will work to improve the socio-economic aspirations for all, including the most disadvantaged communities, and collaborate with existing community groups and stakeholders.

The creation of a CIC, which sits alongside Qualis Group and its core functions, will see profits and assets generated and used for public and community good. A rigorous and transparent governance structure will ensure that activities align with local need and are developed through close dialogue with local communities and wider stakeholders including district, town and parish councils. Projects could include the development of apprenticeship schemes, community environmental and wellbeing projects and initiatives to engage hard to reach members of the community.

The first phase of activity focuses on a series of community and stakeholder consultations and workshops, with a view to creating a detailed business plan and programme of activity to be delivered throughout 2021-2022 in the first instance. Members of the public will be given the opportunity to feed into the process with suggestions invited through the Qualis Group website and social media.